Szn.2 Ep.14 CFB Week 14 & NFL Week 13

but there is still a chance for him to be caught. Who will finish in the cellar? It’s a three horse race between Adam, Ster, and Bret. Tune in to the bowl special to see who took the crown.

Szn.2 Ep.13 CFB Week 13 & NFL Week 12

guys are running out of time to claim the GOTY trophy. We have some huge cards with major implications. Who will finish in the cellar? It’s currently looking like a three horse race but a lot can happen in these two final weeks. Tune in to find out who is making big moves.

Szn.2 Ep.12 CFB Week 12 & NFL Week 11

We are coming down to the wire with the end of CFB season on the horizon. A champion must be crowned, and a suitable award must be given. Can anyone take over ClayVegas’ reign at the top? The Drawing Board is back after a big draw last footy week. One of the guys also throws the ultimate hail mary in a desperate attempt to climb the rankings.

Szn.2 Ep.11 CFB Week 11 & NFL Week 10

There are only three games left in the regular season for college football. Which one of the guys will take the handicapping crown? It appears to be a two horse race at the top but there is a lot of competition to be the cellar dweller.

Szn.2 Ep.10 CFB Week 10 & NFL Week 9

After one of the worst weeks picking known to man, the guys are back to redeem themselves. ClayVegas takes a step back with Trev now on his heels. We have a new cellar dweller who was out “sick” this week. Finally, we have the bet of the century which is destined for the record scratch of the week.

Szn.2 Ep.9 CFB Week 9 & NFL Week 8

This week the guys have loaded cards and are trying to keep the winning ways going. ClayVegas remains hot, picking at over 60%. CFB talk goes deep, and there is a brand new soccer segment with a new betting angle sure to make some profits. There may have even been some NFL draft talk. Stay tuned to find out!

Szn.2 Ep.8 CFB Week 8 & NFL Week 7

We are just over the halfway point for college football and in week 7 of the NFL. The guys go a bit off the rails a few different times but it all comes together at the end for the group’s picks. Can ClayVegas stay hot and hold off the rest of the guys to take the handicapping crown this year? Stay tuned to find out!

Szn.2 Ep.7 CFB Week 7 & NFL Week 6

The boys are back for week 7 of college football and week 6 of the NFL. Turns out, lines do matter after all as Justin went 3-6 on the week. He has come back again to try and redeem himself and try and get out of the cellar. The guys also touch on some footy which is back from international break and ClayVegas celebrates Christmas in October with his favorite betting sport kicking off.

Szn.2 Ep.6 CFB Week 6 & NFL Week 5

The DBOI team is riding high after an improved week for some, but also have the season’s first card of all losses from Squeak. A tasty college football slate and a few decent NFL matchups are bound to produce some arguments. For the first time this season we welcome on guest picker JRex, who makes a shocking guarantee. Don’t Bet On It.

Szn.2 Ep.5 CFB Week 5 & NFL Week 4

We are back with week 5 of college football and week 4 of the NFL. Last week was the groups worst picking episode at 34% so the guys are looking to bounce back this week. Trev takes a massive step back picking at 17% moving him out of the top spot. He also earned a new honor from our newest segment.

Szn.2 Ep.4 CFB Week 4 & NFL Week 3

The boys are back at it with college football week 4, NFL week 3, EPL, and The Ryder Cup. Trev stays hot with his picks, Bret and Trev cant count, and someone is eating a spicy Cheesy Gordita Crunch in a couple months.

Szn.2 Ep.3 CFB Week 3 & NFL Week 2

The boys are back this week with more College Football and NFL rundowns and analysis. Resident footy expert Ster touches on a couple London matchups this weekend in the EPL. ClayVegas is back after missing the first two weeks of the season, and drops a pick card that will surely cash.

Szn.2 Ep.1 Back From The Depths Of COVID

We are beyond excited to be back on air for the 2021 college football and NFL season. On the debut episode of season 2, the guys dive straight into college football week 1 and and offer a sneak peek into the NFL season and who we think will win the Super Bowl. We also have a quick chat about the USMNT and World Cup qualifiers.

0:32 Intro
1:42 Primetime CFB Talk
23:30 A Word From Our Sponsor
24:10 NFL Preview/Futures
31:40 World Cup Qualifiers
36:22 CFB Pod Picks
42:48 Pod Season Layout

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Ep.5 NFL Quick Picks

The guys are preparing for the college bowl special next week so we have a quick episode for you this week. We will recap the picks from episode 4 and give some quick hitting picks for the NFL along with a special footy pick that we may be in attendance for. We will have a huge bowl edition for you guys next week so stay tuned!

Ep.4 CFB Championship Week

College football conference championship week brings a slew of matchups for the guys to pick and overanalyze. Some surprises are in store for NFL week 13. A Reverend from Texas calls in to cleanse some souls and make some scorching hot picks. 

Ep.1 The Debut

On the debut episode of Don’t Bet On It the guys dive into college football week 11 and NFL week 10 matchups. A call is made to an NHL gambling guru, and a guaranteed winning parlay is picked (don’t bet on it). Oh, and some footy talk for the Euro fans.