Szn.2 Ep.8 CFB Week 8 & NFL Week 7

We are just over the halfway point for college football and in week 7 of the NFL. The guys go a bit off the rails a few different times but it all comes together at the end for the group’s picks. Can ClayVegas stay hot and hold off the rest of the guys to take the handicapping crown this year? Stay tuned to find out!

  • 0:32 CFB Talk
  • 2:42 Pick Recap
  • 21:08 Muschamp a Head Coach Again?
  • 22:45 Pick Recap
  • 26:32 Pressly Scratch Of The Week
  • 30:11 XXXTRA Nice Tahoe
  • 31:17 Conte to ManU
  • 32:07 NFL Week 7
  • 41:56 Premier League Footy
  • 51:52 Pod Picks

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Season Pick Percentages:

  1. ClayVegas-60%
  2. Trev-49%
  3. Justin-47%
  4. Bret-42%
  5. Adam-41%
  6. Ster-39%
  7. Squeak-39%

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