Szn.2 Ep.14 CFB Week 14 & NFL Week 13

The end is near for the college football season and our GOTY shall be crowned. Clay looks to have it all but locked up but there is still a chance for him to be caught. Who will finish in the cellar? It’s a three horse race between Adam, Ster, and Bret. Tune in to the bowl special to see who took the crown.

  • 0:32 Week 13 Recap
  • 8:58 Week 13 Record & YTD Pick Percentages
  • 10:56 Record Scratch of the Week
  • 13:16 Adam’s Reminiscing Quotes
  • 20:22 Conference Championships
  • 36:30 Bowl Pick ’em/Playoff Predictions
  • 51:58 NFL Week 13
  • 59:03 Drawing Board
  • 1:05:23 Pod Picks

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Season Pick Percentages:

  1. ClayVegas-56.0%
  2. Trev-52.9%
  3. Squeak-48.9%
  4. Bret-46.8%
  5. Ster-46.3%
  6. Adam-45.8%

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