Szn.2 Ep.10 CFB Week 10 & NFL Week 9

After one of the worst weeks picking known to man, the guys are back to redeem themselves. ClayVegas takes a step back with Trev now on his heels. We have a new cellar dweller who was out “sick” this week. Finally, we have the bet of the century which is destined for the record scratch of the week.

  • 0:34 Baseball Still Stinks
  • 7:43 Week 9 Recap
  • 11:52 Week 10 CFB Talk
  • 30:30 ReCoRd ScRaTcH oF tHe WeEk
  • 36:30 NFL Week 9
  • 38:22 The Drawing Board
  • 45:25 Pod Picks
  • 55:45 Lock Of The Century?

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Season Pick Percentages:

  1. ClayVegas-54%
  2. Trev-53%
  3. Ster-42%
  4. Squeak-42%
  5. Bret-41%
  6. Adam-39%
  7. Justin-35%

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